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Strategic Studies Quarterly

Raska, M. and Bitzinger, R. (2020). Strategic Contours of China’s Arms Transfers. Strategic Studies Quarterly, 14(1),91-116.


Raska, M. (2020). North Korea’s Cyber Strategies: Continuity and Change. SIRIUS – Journal of Strategic Analysis, 4(2), 144-158.

Prism - Singularity

Raska, M. (2020). Strategic Competition for Emerging Military Technologies: Comparative Paths and Patterns. PRISM – Journal of Complex Operations, 8(3),65-81.

Raska, M. (2017). China’s Strategy and the Defence Sector: Advances and Challenges. In: Bitzinger, R. and Popescu, N. eds. The Defence Industry in Russia and China. Paris: European Institute for Security Studies.

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