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Military Transformations Programme
S. Rajaratnam School of International Studies
Nanyang Technological University
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"Strategic Contours of China’s Arms Exports"
RSIS Commentary

"A Nimble 4G SAF Needs Space for Mavericks"
The Straits Times

"China’s Evolving Cyber Warfare Strategies"
Asia Times

"How China Plans to Win the Next Great Big War in Asia'
The National Interest

"Strategy for handling North Korea Nukes: Tailored Deterrence'
Asia Times

"Challenges ahead in Xi’s bid to Reform China’s Military"
Asia Times

"Rethinking Trump's Policy for North Korea" (With Jana Hajzlerova)
Asia Times

"Where Quantum Satellites fit in PLA Strategy"
The Interpreter

"Cyber Conflicts and Singapore’s ‘Total Defence’ Strategy"
RSIS Commentary

"Tailored Deterrence: Influencing North Korean Decision-Making"
RSIS Commentary
The Diplomat

13.02.16: Commentary
"The Real Star Wars: Improving Satellite Defences"
RSIS Commentary

03.02.16: Commentary
"PLA Reforms: Toward winning 'informationised local wars'
Lowy Interpreter

18.12.15: Commentary
"Hybrid Warfare with Chinese Characteristics"
RSIS Commentary

"Procházka vlivovým labyrintem"
Lidove Noviny - Orientace (Czech Rep.)

02. 2016: Book Chapter:
"Diesel-Electric Submarine Modernization in Asia: The Role of Air-Independent Propulsion Systems" In: Bitzinger, Richard: Emerging Critical Technologies and Security in the Asia-Pacific (London: Palgrave Macmillan, Forthcoming).

Military Innovation in Small States -
Creating a Reverse Asymmetry
(London: Routledge, 2015)
Military Innovation and Small States - Michael Raska

Security, Strategy and Military Change in the 21st Century
Cross-Regional Perspectives
Jo Inge Bekkevold, Ian Bowers, Michael Raska (eds.) (London: Routledge, 2015)

Security, Strategy and Military Change in the 21st Century

19.08: Commentary:
"Cyber-Enabled Hybrid Conflicts In East Asia"
RSIS Commentary

29.07: Book Chapter
"Capacity For Innovation: Technological Drivers of China’s Future Military Modernization" - co-authored with Richard Bitzinger"
Strategic Studies Institute

The PLA in 2025

19.05. Commentary:
" Submarine Surge in East Asia'
The Marine Professional (March 2015)

The Marine Professional - March 2015

14.04. Commentary:
"Russia's Concept of Hybrid Wars: Implications for Singapore" [with Richard Bitzinger)
RSIS Commentary

04.03. Commentary:
"Decoding China's Cyberwarfare Strategies"
RSIS Commentary
The National Interest

Workshop Report:
"The Global Arms Industry in 2030 (and Beyond)" [01/2015]
Global Arms Industry in 2030

08.1.15: Policy Report:
"Israel's Evolving Cyber Defense Strategy" [01/2015]

Israel Cyber Strategy

"Back to the Future: China’s Defence Industry Innovation Paths"
RSIS Commentary

"Building a Cyber Iron Dome: Israel’s Cyber Defensive Envelope"
RSIS Commentary

03.08: Newspaper Interview:
"Experts: China Still Lags West in Advanced Aircraft Technologies"
Defense News

"Submarine Modernization in East Asia: Competitive Strategies"
RUSI Newsbrief
The Diplomat

27.07: Newspaper Interview:
"N. Korea Bolsters Cyberwarfare Capabilities"
The Korea Herald

14.07: Newspaper Interview:
"Concerns Arise over Militarisation of Cyberspace"
The Korea Herald

07.07: Newspaper Interview:
"Korea Vulnerable to Cyberwarfare"
The Korea Herald

05.05: Conference Report: "Rethinking Information and Cyber Warfare: Global Perspectives & Strategic Insights"
Cyberwarfare Cover

29.04: Newspaper Interview:
"Park’s Peace Initiative Gets Mixed Appraisal"
The Korea Herald

"What is China's strategy for North Korea?"

"Singapore's Smart Army"
East Asia Forum (ANU)

"Strategic Rivalries Escalate in East Asia"
The Korea Herald

Interview: "Innovations in the Defense Market"
Saab Singapore

"Cyberwars on the Korean Peninsula"
Aljazeera Opinion

"China's Aviation Industry on the Horizon?"
ISN Security Watch

East Asia's Changing Security Dynamics and the Role of Airpower
Defense News [PDF]

Online version

Time to Rethink Asia-Europe Security Cooperation?
The Korea Herald

also published by: New Straits Times

'Scientific Innovation & China's Military Modernization'
The Diplomat

'Information warfare 3.0: Weapons of Mass Effectiveness'
RSIS Commentary (119/2013)

'Australia's Evolving 'Smart Power' Strategy'
RSIS Commentary (101/2013)
also published by the Jakarta Post (June 7) [PDF]

'South Korea's Security Predicaments:
Preparing for 'Hybrid Conflict'

RSIS Commentary (052/2013)
also published by the Jakarta Post (April 9) [PDF]

'China's Defense Aviation Industry: Toward Stealth Innovation?'
East Asia Forum

"Waging and WinninG Information War"
The Straits Times [PDF]

"Integrating Information Warfare into
U.S.-ROK defense Strategy"
The Korea Herald [PDF]

20.02: RSIS Policy Brief: Co-Authored with Richard Bitzinger
Air-Sea Battle Cover

The AirSea Battle Debate and
the Future of Conflict in East Asia'
S.Rajaratnam School of International Studies [PDF]

19.02: IGCC Policy Brief: Co-Authored with alanna Krolikowski
IGCC report

'The Chinese Defense Economy Takes Off:
Sector-By-Sector Assessments and the Role of Military End-Users'
University of California: IGCC
Also Featured in Defense News Intercepts

'South Korea's Changing Security Paradigm'
Project Syndicate

'Submarine Trends in Asia Pacific:
Air-Independent Propulsion A Game Changer?'
Featured in defense news intercepts [PDF]

17.01: Policy Brief:
'Creating Reverse Asymmetry: Israel’s Military Innovation'
RUSI Newsbrief [Issue: Jan 2013, Vol. 33, No. 1]

02.01: Magazine Feature:
'Créer l’Asymétrie Inversée:
L’Innovation Militaire à l’Israélienne' [PDF]
Défense et Sécurité Internationale (DSI n°88, Janvier 2013)

21.12: Conference Paper:
"Goh Keng Swee Command and Staff College Seminar 2012:
Smart Power- Transforming Militaries for 21st
Century Missions''
GKS CSC, SAF-NTU, IDSS Conference Report

05.12: RSIS commentary:
'Creating Reverse Asymmetry:
Patterns in IDF's Military Innovation'
RSIS Commentary (219) - PDF

24.11: Project Syndicate Commentary:
'The Ambiguous China Threat'
Project Syndicate

15.11: RUSI Policy Brief:
'The Air-Sea Battle and the Future of Conflict in East Asia'
RUSI Newsbrief [Issue: Nov 2012, Vol. 32, No. 6]

30.10: Defense News Op-ed:
'Air-sea Battle Debate: Operational Consequences
& Allied Concerns'
Defense News [PDF]

22.10: RSIS Commentary:
'China's Defence Aviation Industry:
Searching for Innovation
The Nation
Eurasia Review

20.06: IGCC Policy brief (co-authored with Richard Bitzinger)
'Locating China’s Place in
the Global Defense Economy'
IGCC Policy Brief (28) UC San Diego

20.06: RSIS Commentary:
'Ascertaining China's Strategy for the Korean Peninsula:
Implications for the U.S.-ROK Alliance'
RSIS Commentary (105)
The Korea Herald

06.06: Project Syndicate Commentary:
'China on the Launch Pad'
Project Syndicate
The Straits Times
Les Echos
Die Welt

28.05: EAI Commentary:
'Transforming South Korea's Defense Capabilities'
East Asia Forum

7.04: Diplomat Commentary:
'Tackling North Korea's Missile Quest'
The Diplomat

21.02: RSIS Commentary:
'From Copier to Innovator?
China's Ballistic Missile Modernisation''
RSIS Commentary (31)

also published in France:
'De copieur à innovateur ?
La modernisation des missiles balistiques en Chine'
Défense et Sécurité Internationale - DSI (no. 81 - mai 2012)

21.08: Journal Article:
'RMA Paths and Patterns in
South Korea's Military Modernization''
Korean Journal of Defense Analysis (23)3: 369–385. [PDF]

21.07: Commentary:
'China and the Globalization of Space:
Toward a New Space Race?''
Also published in The South China Morning Post (july 28)

10.06: Commentary:
'Predictable Uncertainty?
China's Rise and US-ROK Security Dilemmas''
Global-is-asian (10)

23.05: Newspaper Commentary:
'Iran's Nuclear Ambitions and Israel's Strategic Dilemmas''

Also published in The Straits Times (May 31)

07.04: Journal Article:
'The Five Waves of RMA Theory''
Pointer-Journal of Singapore Armed Forces (36)3-4.

28.11: Newspaper Op-ed:
'Why can't South Korea Retaliate?'
China Post
Jakarta Post
The Statesman
My Paper

2007: Journal Article:
'Beyond the bomb in the basement:
Israel's nuclear predicament and policy options''
Asian Journal of Public Affairs (1)2

2007: Conference Report:
'China Rising:
Global Perspectives and Strategic Lessons''
Lee Kuan Yew School of Public Policy
& the Brookings Institution


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