Media Expertise:
  Strategic Trends, Security Conceptions, and Military Modernization in East Asia
Regional approaches to military modernization, and its implications for the medium to long-term stability of the geostrategic environment of the Asia Pacific;
  Military Innovation Theory, Processes, and Debate
The impact of emerging disruptive technologies and new types of armaments on military transformation and modernization, particularly when it comes to new operational concept and new operating areas, especially in the maritime, air, and space domains;
  Information Ops & Cyber Conflicts
Implications of cyber and information operations on doctrine, operational planning and strategy; Long-range trends and developments when it comes to future warfare;

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7 June 2017
“South Korea Suspends Missile Shield Deployment”

30 March 2017
“Millionen trotz Sanktionen: Nordkoreas geheime Geldgeschäfte”
Deutsche Welle

19 March 2017
“China's Push to Become a Tech Superpower Triggers Alarms"
The Financial Times

13 March 2017
“Chinese Defense Spending Stokes Concern, Debate"
The Japan Times

7 March 2017
“China Fumes as US, S. Korea speed up Thaad Deployment"
The Straits Times

24 January 2017
“Russia's Master Plan to Crush the Third Offset Strategy"
The National Interest

11.01 News Interview
"North Korea offers up challenge for Trump"
Shephard Media

20.12 News Interview
"China returns US underwater drone seized in South China Sea"
The Associated Press

17.12 News Interview
"Digitaler Weltkrieg"
Die Welt(Germany)

03.10 News Interview:
"Quantenphysik: Die Peking-Connection"
Die Zeit (Germany)

29.08 News Interview:
"Quest for independence: China to make its own jet engines"
Christian Science Monitor (US)

10.06 News Interview:
"Warum Kim seine Atombomben mehr denn je braucht"
Die Welt (Germany)

10.05 News Interview:
"(News Focus) Diplomatic quandary looms over South China Sea dispute"
Yonhap News Agency

21.04 News Interview:
"China’s President, Xi Jinping, Gains a New Title: Commander in Chief"
The New York Times

22.04 News Interview:
"Xi Jinping's latest title: Commander in chief of battle command centre"
The Straits Times (Singapore)

08.03 News Interview:
"Why Japan is facing pressure to return to military research"
The Stack

10.02: Newspaper Interview:
"South Korea divided over THAAD"
The Korea Herald (Seoul)

28.01: News Interview:
"Not Top Gun yet: China struggles with warplane engine technology"
Reuters (Singapore)

09.01: News Interview:
"Wie Nordkorea sein Atomprogramm finanziert"
SRF News (Switzerland)

07.01: Newspaper Interview:
"Das große Beben"
Die Welt (Germany)

06.01: Newspaper Interview:
"NK nuclear bomb test a threat to peace and security"
Sydney Morning Herald (Australia)

09.09: Newspaper Interview:
Hard slog whipping the PLA into shape
The Straits Times (Singapore)

04.09: News Interview:
Analysts: Beijing Parade a 'Bazaar' of Stolen Technology
Voice of America

03.09: Newspaper Interview:
Message of 'peace' amid display of power
The Straits Times (Singapore)

13.08: Newspaper Interview:
"Bastelt Kim schon wieder heimlich an der Atombombe?"
Die Welt (Germany)

21.06: Newspaper Interview:
"NK: The Problem Child of Asia Refuses to Learn"
The Sydney Morning Herald

28.05: Newspaper Interview:
"China's Military Shows Growing Confidence"
The Straits Times (Singapore)

22.05: Newspaper Interview:
"Chinese Navy Out to Raise Capabilities"
The Straits Times (Singapore)

19.05: Newspaper Interview:
"Kims Eliteeinheit 121 ist Nordkoreas gefährlichste Waffe"
Die Welt (Germany)

13.05: Newspaper Interview:
"Diese Nichtigkeiten bestraft Kim mit dem Tod"
Die Welt (Germany)

11.05: Newspaper Interview:
"N.K. Submarine Missile Serious Threat"
The Korea Herald

14.04: Newspaper Interview:
"Questions raised over rotational U.S. forces"
The Korea Herald

16.03: Newspaper Interview:
"Wie das mysteriöse "Büro 39" Kims Macht sichert"
Die Welt am Sonntag(German)

23.02: Newspaper Interview:
"Questions raised over China's THAAD opposition"
The Korea Herald

25.01: Newspaper Interview:
"High-tech facility to beef up border defences"
The Straits Times

07.11: Newspaper Interview:
"S. Korea faces tough decision on THAAD"
The Korea Herald

03.08: Newspaper Interview:
"Experts: China Still Lags West in Advanced Aircraft Technologies"
Defense News

27.07: Newspaper Interview:
"N. Korea Bolsters Cyberwarfare Capabilities"
The Korea Herald

14.07: Newspaper Interview:
"Concerns Arise over Militarisation of Cyberspace"
The Korea Herald

07.07: Newspaper Interview:
"Korea Vulnerable to Cyberwarfare"
The Korea Herald

29.04: Newspaper Interview:
"Park’s Peace Initiative Gets Mixed Appraisal"
The Korea Herald

Interview: "Innovations in the Defense Market"
Saab Singapore

28.03: Newspaper Interview:
"Singapore: Small State, Big Weapons Buyer"

18.03: Newspaper Interview:
Intelligence data vital in hunt for Malaysian Airlines MH370
The Financial Times

30.09: Newspaper Interview:
'Allies Explore Broader Future Role'
The Korea Herald

17.09: Newspaper Interview:
'China Pursues Systems To Keep US Forces at Bay'
Defense News

22.08: Newspaper Interview:
'Korea-U.S. Alliance Faces Next Crucial Shift'
The Korea Herald

21.07: Newspaper Interview:
'Will China's Aviation Industry Steal U.S. Thunder?'
Defense News

14.02: Newspaper Interview:
'Seoul Struggles with NK Deterrence'
The Korea herald / ANN

19.11: Newspaper Interview:
'Uncertainty Looms over Sino-American Rivalry'
The Korea herald

07.11: Newspaper Interview:
'Obama Faces Tough Policy Challenges'
The Korea Herald

29.09: Newspaper Interview
'China shiesst einen Palast ins All'
Tages-Anzeiger (Zurich)

29.09: Newspaper Interview
'Chinas Macht entfaltet sich auf der Startrampe'
Die Welt(Germany)


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