Media Expertise:
  Strategic Trends, Security Conceptions, and Military Modernization in East Asia
Regional approaches to military modernization, and its implications for the medium to long-term stability of the geostrategic environment of the Asia Pacific;
  Military Innovation Theory, Processes, and Debate
The impact of emerging disruptive technologies and new types of armaments on military transformation and modernization, particularly when it comes to new operational concept and new operating areas, especially in the maritime, air, and space domains;
  Information Ops & Cyber Conflicts
Implications of cyber and information operations on doctrine, operational planning and strategy; Long-range trends and developments when it comes to future warfare;

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  Dr. Michael Raska
Assistant Professor
Military Transformations Programme
S. Rajaratnam School of International Studies
Nanyang Technological University
Blk S4, Level B4
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Singapore 639798

27.06: TV Interview:
"What's behind SKorea, Japan and US' joint military exercise"
CNBC Street Signs
CNBC Street Signs Michael Raska

06.11: TV Interview:
"China's Strategic Challenges"
Czech TV: Udalosti Komentare
Michael Raska Czech TV


25.08: TV Interview:
"Between the Lines: Korean Tensions"
Channel News Asia
Michael Raska - Channel News Asia

05.08: TV Interview:
"Japan's Security Policy"
BBC World News
Michael Raska_BBC Newsday

27.01: TV Interview:
"Malaysia Airlines Website Hacked"
BBC World News
Michael Raska BBC World News

17.08: TV Interview:
"Aboard the USS Michigan"

22.07: TV Interview:
'The Crash of MH 17'
Channel News Asia - Insight

Channel News Asia Michael Raska MH17

20.07: TV Interview:
'The Crash of MH 17'
Channel News Asia

08.04: TV Interview:
'Das Geheimnis von Flug MH370'
ZDF Heute / ZDF Info - in Germany only
ZDF Heute - Michael Raska

02.11: TV Interview:
'Biden’s Visit to Asia'
BBC News

19.04: TV Report:
'New Symbol of US Security Sails Into Asia'

15.04: TV Interview:
'N. Korea Could Be Re-Calculating Moves'
michael raska cnbc news

11.04: TV Interview:
'NATO Secretary General Rasmussen's Visit to South Korea'
BBC World News
BBC News Michael Raska

09.04: TV Interview:
'Belligerent North Korea'
Channel News Asia - AM Live with Suzanne Jung

01.04: TV Interview:
'Strategic Uncertainty on the Korean Peninsula'
Aljazeera News

Aljazeera News Michael Raska

31.03: TV Interview:
'Tensions between North and South Korea flare'
ABC NEWS 24 (Australia)

19.03: TV Interview:
'Singapore Expected to order F-35 Fighter Jets'
CNBC - Squawk Box (Asia)

08.03: Interview: Channel News Asia:
"NK's EMpty Rhetoric?"

07.03: Interview: AlJazeera News Hour:
"NK Nuclear TEnsions"

Aljazeera - Michael Raska

02.01: TV interview:
'Does Pyongyang's Call For Peace Signal Reform?'
CNBC - Squawk Box (Asia)

Michael Raska CNBC

12.12: TV interview:
'North Korea: Rocket Launch'
Channel News Asia - Singapore

09.12: TV Interview:
'North Korea: Still up to No Good?'
CNBC - Squawk Box (Asia)

CNBC Michael Raska

09.10: TV Interview:
'US and South Korea Announce New Missile Deal'
Aljazeera Newshour

michael raska al jazeera singapore

13.09: TV Interview:
'China-U.S. Rivalry Heads to the Final Frontier'
Reuters TV

michael raska chicago tribune

01.08: TV Interview:
'85th Anniversary of the People’s Liberation Army'
Channel News Asia

07.06: TV Interview:
'Insight: U.S. Rebalancing Strategy in East asia''
Channel News Asia

15.04: TV Interview:
'Beyond the Provocation: North Korea's Rocket Launch'
Channel News Asia

12.04: TV Interview:
'North Korea's Rocket Launch'
BBC World News

Michael Raska BBC World News

18.11: TV Interview:
'Closer US-Australia Defence ties irk China'
Aljazeera Newshour

01.11: TV Interview:
'China launches spacecraft on docking mission'
Aljazeera Newshour



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